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Decisions or Dilemma?


We have been unschooling the last several years and it works for us. It’s a great way to learn life skills for sure.  However, my DD is heading into high school now, so I am trying to unscramble all the different options for her. She is interested in returning to public school, well, for now she is interested in it. Tomorrow may be a different story. Smile  Her mind changes as fast as the wind. My husband and I are giving her that option for now. I don’t want her to look back in thirty years and regret not being able to at least try public high school. It is a small county school and appears to offer a good bit of choice as far as electives go.

I am sure she will have to test to see where they want to place her. She is behind, well according to public school she is behind. Her dyslexia and CAPD, among other things, has set her back just a little. She has a high IQ and is quite smart. I am not so sure she will be happy with their decision, and I am not convinced she will even like going to school! She hates large crowds, she hates lots of noise, she will have to ride the bus about an hour one way, she is not used to homework, she is not used to changing classes… However, she can roll with the punches–she is a survivor. She is a leader and not a follower. She has what it takes, just not sure she will want what it takes, know what I mean? Even if she does choose to tough it out in public school, we will still have to work at home as if we were still homeschooling. Actually, we will have to work harder to keep up with all the junk they require. Yes, I think most of it is pure junk.

Are any of you facing a similar situation? Leave a comment and share with me. I will keep you posted on our dilemma.


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Jumble, Tumble, All Scrambled Up



tr.v. un·scram·bledun·scram·blingun·scram·bles   1. To straighten out or disentangle (a jumble or tangle); resolve   2. To restore (a scrambled message) to intelligible form.

Do you like playing word games? Have you ever heard of text twist, Boggle™, Scrabble™ …? Unscramble is similar. It is a fun game all by itself, but it is also a neat way to practice spelling words and vocabulary words. Players rearrange groups of letters to form their spelling and vocabulary words. Some of you might have a bit of trouble getting your kids to practice learning spelling or vocabulary words. The suggestion here is to keep all learning fresh and fun since it is part of our everyday life. Nobody enjoys learning the dull, boring way. Not all learning is fun, but we should at least attempt to make it as interesting as possible. Playing fun, yet challenging games is a sure-fire way to chase the humdrum, boring daily drill work out of learning new spelling words.

Try these:  ycrlseac      ashncwdi     eubnslamcr

Well, how did you do? Was it hard, easy, fun, challenging? The answers are at the very bottom of this page. So how about playing a brain boosting game of unscramble today…are you up to the challenge?

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