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Learning to read was not easy for my daughter. At the time, I didn’t realize the problem–ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder… not to mention that she just plain disliked school.

Oh sure, she loved being around her friends and taking fun classes like art, p.e., music, and of course going to recess and lunch, but anything requiring a strong focus was out of the question. She tried hard, but her learning differences were too strong to overcome on her own. Once I realized the root her struggles, I set out to find a remedial reading program for her. I ended up taking her to a retired teacher in a nearby city. That was a big mistake. I am sure the lady was a wonderful tutor, but she just didn’t connect with my child. I felt she was actually just giving her busy work rather than attacking the root of her problems. There was no progress. My daughter didn’t enjoy going at all. How I wish I could re-wind the hands of time. I finally ended up pulling her out. Our valuable time had been wasted and my money went down the drain. This all took place before we began homeschooling and before folks really used the Internet much. Also, there weren’t many online tutoring sites or resources available. I encourage parents to seek help for their child as needed. I am definitely not against private tutors or tutoring services, so please don’t misunderstand me. Sometimes we are limited by what is available where we live. That is why resources on the computer are a godsend for so many families today. If the resources available today were available back then, my daughter would have used an online tutoring resource¬≠ because she tends to do well with programs that are interactive and self paced, plus I would have been able to see all her work and catch things that were still hard for her.


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