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TX, AL, GA…How Many can you spot?


I bet lots of you traveled somewhere on vacation this year. When I was a young, my family made many road trips. One thing we did for fun was to try to be the person who spotted the most out-of-state license tags as we traveled. It’s fun and it’s also a neat way to play U.S.state games.  To make the game a little more interesting, assign points for each out-of-state tag you spot. Maybe earn 2 points for each tag. If you can also name one fact about that state you could earn an additional 2 points. If you can name that state’s flower, tree, motto… you could earn an additional 3 points for each one you can name.


Some of you may even do a bit of car schooling. If so, please share some of your favorite activities with the rest of us. Homeschooling isn’t always done at home these days. If you have a Wi-Fi stick, you can school on the road, at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office… The possibilities are endless.


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State Rules

What are the rules about state homeschooling in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, California, New York…? Ever want to talk to folks in your area about things you may have in common? Want to learn about neat supplemental resources, discover new tips and tricks to help your kids learn, want to make new friends… Where to go? Who to talk to? It doesn’t matter if you are located in one of our great 50 states, Canada, the military, or elsewhere, sometimes you simply want or need to talk to others who can relate. Time4Learning is pleased to help new homeschoolers who want basic information on homeschooling. Here is a list of free resources for new and experienced homeschoolers:


Can you name your state flower? Can you name your state bird or motto? Maybe it’s time for you and the kids to explore your state the fun way–online state games–after all, it’s FREE!


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Georgia On My Mind

I looked up the meaning of “support group.” This is part of what I found:

Support Group: A group of people who share a similar problem or concern. The people in the group help one another by sharing experiences, knowledge, and information.

Everyone needs support of some sort at some time in their life. Maybe you are dieting and need help staying accountable. Maybe you are grieving and need a shoulder or a sympathetic ear. Maybe you are caring for your elderly parents and need encouragement. Perhaps you have a sleep disorder or a particular disease and need the advice of others experiencing the same problem. Maybe you homeschool your child or children and want to share your experiences and learn from others. Support groups help in these instances. Today it isn’t very hard to find a support group. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home due to the Internet.

Since I homeschool, I belong to lots of support groups. One group I belong to focuses on my state, Georgia. I find there are so many advantages to belonging to a Georgia support group. Members can direct me toward fun field trips in my local area, educational activities around the state, local co-op groups, state laws…I am able to make new friends and even meet them if they aren’t too far from me. Best of all, state support group members can relate to my situation. It’s so nice to chat with like-minded folks who understand what you are experiencing and are able to offer a kind word, friendly advice, a hot link about a new curriculum, or a fun new field trip idea.

At some point in your homeschooling adventure, your child will learn about your state. Who better to help you in terms of ideas, tips, and Internet links for learning about your particular state, than members of your local state support group! My child hates history, so being able to have her play Georgia state games makes learning facts about the Peach State so much more fun than just reading and memorizing facts. It’s fun for the grownups, too! Try playing against your child or each of you play a few games, keeping score to see who earns the most points.

Look for a homeschool state support group today.

Find A State Support Group

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