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Unschoolers Ineffective

I read an article at about unschoolers and standardized testing the other day,

Unschoolers: At a disadvantage on standardized tests

I thought the article was very good and I agree with the author most heartily!

I HATE standardized testing! My background is in teaching, both public and private school (now I homeschool of course). I hate the idea of teaching the test. In the old days kids were taught things they really needed to learn, not what some bureaucrat who isn’t a teacher thinks they need to know. If it isn’t a bureaucrat making the testing guidelines, then it’s most likely a teacher or administrator who hasn’t set foot in a classroom since they were in elementary school….very out of touch.  No Child Left Behind is a disaster in my opinion. I think it is actually leaving kids very behind.

We have been unschooling the last several years and LOVE it. Well, I guess you might say, semi-unschooling really. We use Time4Learning as our core and supplement with Teaching TextbooksVocabularySpelling City,Vocab_Fun, and anything she shows an interest in learning about.  My daughter does test below level, however, her IQ is quite high and she has more common sense than lots of kids her age. I think that is a testament to unschooling.

So, what do you think? Weigh in on this.


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