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Bible ABC Pocket Games Lapbook–Free

ABC Pocket Games Lapbook

Currclick and A Journey Through Learning have joined up to offer this fantastic download free of charge for this week only! This $13.00 value ends Friday November 25th, so hurry and grab this one right now!

You will need a coupon code to get the lapbook for free. I am not allowed to post the code, so go to this page to get the code.

Here is what A Journey Through Learning says about their book:

Now your preschooler doesn’t have to feel left out of school! Here is a really fun and creative way for your child to practice matching upper case and lower case letters, tracing the letters, and practicing beginning sounds-all in a hands on way! This lapbook is 4 folders big!

Here is a review by Meg, a member of Heart of the Matter:

A terrific alphabet/phonics based lapbook from A Journey Through Learning is the ABC Pocket Games Lapbook. It’s a printable lapbook that requires the simple assembly of pocket-shaped envelopes, one for each letter of the alphabet. The letters on top of each pocket are traceable, making the entire lapbook interactive and practice enhancing.

For each alphabet letter, there are two high-color, detailed picture cards. To play the game, all you child must do is sound out each picture word and place it in in the pocket envelope of the letter with which that word begins. 

Convenient storage pockets are also included for easy storage and ease of preparation for the next lapbook session. Another bonus attachment is printable uppercase and lowercase letter cards, so that your child can practice matching these, as well. These have faces and arms and legs, making them fun and silly to play with, too. Clearly, there is an activity for every child, regardless of their developmental skill level and current knowledge of the alphabet. This lapbook would be just perfect for side-by-side sibling play.

I love that the lapbook also includes other activities on a separate, listed page which help to further teach alphabet letters and letter sounds!



[4 of 5 Stars!]


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Pumpkin Palooza–freebies


Pumpkins are everywhere you look these days. Halloween, Harvest Celebrations, and Thanksgiving are pulling at our pocket books which makes getting great freebies all the better.

I have found lots of wonderful educational Fall freebies I want to share with everyone.

Two Teaching Mommies offers two different Pumpkin Packs.

The first is an Expanded Pumpkin Pack and includes:

  • P is for Pumpkin
  • Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20) 
  • Pumpkin Parts
  • Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
  • Pumpkin Seeds Counting Mat
  • Spelling Page
  • Spin & Graph
  • Count & Clip
  • Color by Letter
  • Which is Different?
  • Flip & Color
  • Writing Maze
  • Pumpkin Measure
  • Number Maze 
  • Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
  • Size Sort

The other is a Tot Pumpkin Pack and includes:

  • Pumpkin Match
  • Pumpkin Shape Puzzles 
  • How Many Seeds?
  • Pumpkin Colors (mini book)
  • Size Sequencing
  • Pumpkin Picture Puzzle

Our Little Monkeys offers a Thanksgiving Tot Pack that includes beginning sounds, measurement activities, Bingo game, prewriting pages, connect the dots, find the letter, sorting, size sequencing, shadow matching, 10 piece puzzle, coloring page, color by number and more. Our Little Monkeys also has a cute Spin the Turkey game your children might enjoy.


Musings of Me offers six fun fall activities you can download for free.  Plus, they have a wonderful book your child can make that tells about the history of the holiday–The Tale of Thanksgiving.


1+1+1 offers a fun color by number turkey and much more in their Thanksgiving Preschool Pack.


Motherhood Your Way has a link and instructions for making a terrific Gratitude Journal for counting your blessings. Older and younger kids would do great with this activity.


Scripture Adventures has a really nice download called “Give Thanks” that will compliment the Gratitude Journal above. Here is what the site says about it:

“Give Thanks!” features more than 100 pages of Thanksgiving poems and hymns, a gratitude scripture chain to study together, a history of Thanksgiving including the story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving proclamations from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, ideas for kid-friendly Thanksgiving crafts and table decorations, and easy-to-make fall recipes. Also included are gratitude journaling pages (regular and guided lines).


I hope you and your kids have a blessed time learning, laughing, sharing, and growing together in the next few weeks. If you have a Fall activity or pack you are giving away, please leave a comment and let others know about it.


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Free Police Printable Pack

If you have a little one and are studying community helpers, here is a free Police printable package to add to your resources. There are two different downloads available, one for pre-k kids and one geared for kindergarten kids.


The site says the following:

You’ll find word and letter tracer sheets, early writing strips, find the different object, and beginning sound cards along with a few other fun pieces ~ the Clip & Learn Wheel, dot-to-dot, a fun craft and more.

It appears there might be vocabulary cards and possibly a lapbook to download as well.

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Free Ocean Preschool Printables pack

You can download a free Ocean Preschool Printables pack from Homeschool Creations.

This packet includes word and letter tracer sheets, early writing strips, a puzzle page, find the different object, do-a-dot pages, and more.

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Can You Spell F*U*N?

I bet if you have a little one, they really enjoy playing games, hearing stories, and singing songs. You might get tired of The Wheels on the Bus or The Three Little Pigs, but they sure don’t. Preschooler’s enjoy learning and playing games. Try a healthy mix of inside games, outside games, online games… Games help build important learning skills and you get to spend quality time with your precious little one. Some preschoolers are even ready to tackle beginning spelling lists. Just remember to take the hard-core learning a little slow and enjoy the ride. They are truly only young once. They have a lifetime to explore the world of learning, besides, they learn even when you are cooking in the kitchen, driving the car, or cleaning house.  They are always watching and learning from your example–Be Careful Little Eyes!


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