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Homeschooling the “Green” Way

Hmmm? Homeschooling and going “green”–how do these two possibly relate? In the last several years, going “green” has been all the rage. Some consumers carry their own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store (some stores will rebate you when you do this), many homeowners recycle their trash, hybrid cars are selling better, I know we replaced many of our old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, I pay most of my bills online… Now, homeschooling can get in on the act of being environmentally friendly. How is that you say? You can subscribe to an interactive, online resource for schooling needs. It cuts down on the amount of paper you use each day.
paperless curriculumPaperless Curriculum

You can still print off the worksheets you wish to use, but many times you can simply have the child look at the worksheet online and answer it without having to waste a sheet of paper that will eventually be thrown in the trash and go to the landfill. This is a great way to teach a child about being a good steward of the earth. The simple act of printing fewer reproducibles, reading text online…, helps our environment, and saves you money as well. Using an online, interactive curriculum also cuts down on storage problems, a.k.a. clutter! You don’t have tons of books lying around. While textbooks can be resold (recycled), the workbooks, worksheets, notebooks… are consumable and will eventually need be trashed, unless you are the type that stores everything. I use an interactive, online curriculum with my child and love it. I supplement our current math program with an extra CD interactive curriculum that does include a workbook. I am thankful for that one workbook because my child has problems correctly copying from text to paper. The “green business” I use for our core curriculum has a nice bonus for users in respect to record keeping. They store progress reports for me. I can get access to them daily, weekly, or monthly. I can then download them and store them on my computer when I wish. How “green” is that! Going paperless is very freeing for me. I have much less clutter and don’t have the storage problems I would if I had to print everything and file it away.

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