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Stimulating Art

Perhaps you have a budding artist at your home. My daughter loves to sketch. She took lessons in art at our local co-op school and fell in love with sketching. She consistently improves because she takes time to practice almost daily. While she knows much about art, I still like to encourage her to broaden her artistic horizons by learning about art history as well as various art techniques. Studies have shown many benefits to dabbling in art. It  improves other academic areas, and is very important in helping the brain reach its full potential. Many folks who suffer from stress or traumatic experiences are participating in art therapy. Art is truly a universal language.

One easy way to encourage your child to learn more about art is by playing online art games. Most are free and certainly capture the child’s interest. There are also several art programs or art games available online for little to no cost. A few minutes exploring art games via a search engine will turn up more leads than you can imagine.

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