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I Can Do It, Too!

I Can Write a Novel!

Eragon; The Seer; Little Women; Ironheart; Nim’s Island; The Railway Children; The Lost Da Vincis; Surviving the Applewhites; Gunrunner Moon; Heartsongs; All Mixed Up!; The Lion, The Witch and, The Wardrobe; Peter Rabbit tales; Jess (An American Girl Today); Baby Kong…What do these books all have in common? They are all written by homeschoolers or pertain to homeschooling specifically. Surprised? Homeschooling is not new, nor a surprise, however, the idea of homeschool literature is a new thought for many. How many times have you heard your child say, “Why do I have to learn this?” Showing your student books written by other home educated children or books that explore the life of homeschooled kids may encourage them to see the endless possibilities given them. It might open their eyes to the potential hidden inside of them. It might create excitement to begin a novel of their own! How great would that be?

My daughter loves Eragon! When I told her a homeschool student wrote the book, she became very excited and decided she too could write a novel. I couldn’t have instilled that burning desire in her if I wanted. She came to that decision all because another home educated kid was able to do it, so by golly, she would be able to do it, too! She set off to write her first story right away. I must say I am impressed by her diligence, and the quality of her story. She hasn’t finished the novel yet, but she does work on it off and on. I am thrilled she wants to explore something that I didn’t have to push or prod to get started.

Try incorporating books by homeschoolers or books about homeschoolers in your lessons. It can’t hurt. Leave me a note about how your child is impacted by these type books. I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps your future novelist.

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