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Free Composer Notebooking Pages

CurrClick is offering the following:

These Free Composer Notebooking Pages can be used with any composer you choose. Just grab a living book about your composer, and use these pages to write about all you’ve learned.

This set includes:

  • Regular and Small Primary lined pages
  • Cover Sheet
  • General biography Pages
  • Continuation Page
  • Timeline Page”

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tr la la

I love lots of different types of music. Some of my favorites are classical, Christian, old rock, lite jazz, Celtic… Music just soothes the soul sometimes don’t you think?

My daughter listens to Japanese music. She has learned to speak some Japanese doing this. She is a BIG anime fan, so she listens to their music. She also enjoys contemporary Christian music, too.

Music was sent down a telephone line for the first time in 1876, the year the phone was invented. Maybe that was the beginning of listening to music while your phone call is on hold!  HA HA

Some kids benefit from listening to music while they study. I know that is true for my daughter. Music calms her and actually helps her focus better. I let her listen to music quietly while she works.

Does you child like the orchestra, or jazz? Maybe they are into string instruments or wind instruments. Is there an opera fan in your house? It is fun to play music games to learn more about music or to expand your child’s horizon. There have also been studies about how music helps ADHD kids improve academically. That is one reason I got my daughter a violin.

Music is also a fun way to teach new skills in science, history, phonics, spelling… Actually, setting work to music works great in almost any subject area. Singing educational songs makes learning new information easier and helps reinforce information being learned. Your child can make up their own lyrics to a familiar tune or find great educational songs on the Internet.

If you and your child have made up songs for learning something, please share. I bet most of us would benefit from learning the same song.



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