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Do you have enough minutes in your day? It seems everyone is busy these days, especially homeschooling Moms. We are the taxi driver, master chief, nurse, educator, arbitrator, and domestic engineer for our household. How on earth are we supposed to find time to check our Yahoo groups, put our status on Facebook, update our Linkedin profile, read our tweets, text our friends, update the kid’s portfolios, or chat in our favorite forum groups???

I am sure you have met Organized Olivia at a homeschool group or local co-op? She has it going on, and is sure to offer tons of charts, calendars, and graphs showing how she schedules and organizes her day. Some people are just born with a natural talent for fitting 101 things into their day. I don’t know about you, but charts, graphs, and organizers just never seem to work out quite that great for me.  I need practical hands-on tools. Some days I simply want to shout, “Calgon, take me away.” Rats! What am I thinking, I don’t have time for that. 


I know you have heard the saying, “time is money”, so I am going to try to help you save a little time and money. While I am not Organized Olivia , I will share a few things that save time for me so that my days are more valuable

  • Portfolio–If you use Time4Learning, I hope you take advantage of their record keeping system. You can print whatever you need and add it to your binder, or you can save whatever you want on your hard drive, or to a flash drive. This sure beats handwriting everything.
  • Google Calendar–Set up a Google calendar complete with pop-ups and email reminders for anything you want or need to remember. 
  • Smart Phones–If you use an Android smart phone (not sure all smart phones do this) sync with your Google calendar. Check your email while waiting at the doctor’s office. I love that I can check it while I’m waiting somewhere or riding in the car (I don’t do this when I am driving). I delete junk mail and it also deletes it off my desk top computer. That’s one less thing for me to do when I get home. 
  • Facebook & Twitter–Use your smart phone to post to Facebook or Twitter with a simple click while you are waiting in line someplace.
  • Voice Texting–My favorite thing on my smart phone is speaking my text rather than typing it. It works great and really does save me loads of time, not that I am a big texter.
  • Yahoo Groups–Set your Yahoo groups to daily digest. Scan the titles in the digest and click or scroll down only to the ones you really want to read. Unsub from groups you no longer enjoy.
  • Nutshell Mail–I saved the best for last. I LOVE this service. Here is what they say:  Save Time Monitoring & Managing Your Brand on Facebook, Twitter & More…NutshellMail from Constant Contact tracks your brand’s social media activity and delivers a summary to your email inbox on your schedule.


I love Nutshell Mail because I don’t always want to go to Facebook or Twitter, or any of the accounts I have set up. Nutshell Mail sends a summary digest to me based on the time schedule I set up, and it includes whatever I want or don’t want to read. I can also decide how I want the groups ordered in the digest. I have mine set to include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and The Homeschool Lounge.

It is really nice to get multiple social network info all bundled into one concise digest. It sure beats going to 8 different sites. And best of all, it’s FREE! You can add Yelp, You Tube, Foursquare, and Citysearch, if you use them. I have not ever seen another service like this.


My old Blackberry didn’t always work right. Sometimes it wouldn’t ring or tell me if I had messages. I got used to not carrying my phone with me everywhere I went since it didn’t work half the time. I recently traded my old broken phone for a new Android phone that is awesome. It has great time saving features, but I still don’t take my phone with me everywhere I go. And when I do, I  sometimes turn it off. I don’t like being tied to it.

I know you have seen those folks who have a phone growing out of their ear. They are constantly on their phone texting, talking, checking Facebook, or browsing the Internet. I don’t really call that multi-tasking, I think of it as time wasting when it is addictive.

Have you ever been trying to buy groceries while Chatty Charity is telling you all about her day? That one phone call drags out the shopping trip a good bit because it is hard to compare prices, remember to pick up everything, keep the kids under control, find a specific item all the while someone is gabbing in your ear.

Just do it–turn off the phone that is. You will thank yourself when you realize how much time you save when your phone is not attached to your ear.

Hmmm, with all my timesaving tips maybe I do have time for Calgon to take me away after all.

P.S. Please take time to post a comment on simple ways you save time. I know we would all love to discover your secret!


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