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New Freebies

Here is a list of some great new freebies I recently found:




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Fun Free Game Site

I found a fun site today called ABCya! The creator is a public school teacher. Her games are geared for children in K-5th grade.

Here is what the site says: was designed with a focus on parents, teachers and children.  The services and features on the website reflect our focus.

The navigation features of the website are simple and straightforward.  The homepage provides links to six main grade level categories: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade.  The grade level categories are broken down by content categories: Letters, Numbers, More (shapes, social studies, art) and Holidays.

With the guidance of an adult, children will be able to successfully navigate the website..

Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade activities are equipped with sound to enhance understanding. Fun children’s Holiday activities are available in grade level sections!

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Multiplication for the Visual-Spatial Learner

Meet Penny is offering free multiplication worksheets and fact cards with visual cues…there are perfect for the visual-spatial learner.

She has exact directions and tips for how she used the resources.


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New Year, New Opportunities


Well, it’s that time again, back to school. Not as in back to school in August or September, but as in back to school second semester. It is a little like going back to school in August or September because it is a time of reflection and changes. If what you have been doing isn’t working, it’s time to make needed changes. You and your children will both be happier.

As I reflect on the last semester, I am fairly happy with what we have been doing. I will most likely make tweaks to some things, but overall, my daughter and I are both happy.

Her writing skills continue to improve, and I am totally thrilled. Learning to write can be hard for so many kids. I think the key is to find something the child enjoys learning about so they will have more of an interest in writing about it..a personal stake in the activity or ownership. That is what is working for us. My daughter LOVES anime, so she writes a fan fiction blog called Bleached in Anime. She created her own anime characters and writes about their adventures. We edit together. At some point, my goal is for her to master editing on her own. Her blog writing is a great way to teach grammar too! Writing fan fiction is a bit different. It doesn’t always follow traditional writing methods, so I am learning to bend just a tiny bit. We have a way to go, but she is learning and having fun at the same time. That is all I am asking for right now. Does that mean “wish granted”? Smile We also work on other writing projects besides her blog.                 

We need to beef up a little on math. It is a harder subject for her due to some of her learning challenges, so we tend to let it slide a little more.  Regardless of those challenges,  we have to pick up the pace this second semester. I just need to focus a bit harder on presenting math in a way that matches her learning style. How about you? Did you let anything slip a little last semester? Why?

I am very pleased with science and history. We are supplementing  science with a super experiment book by Susan Kilbride:  Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers. Don’t try to open the link in Google chrome, it won’t work. We are supplementing history with Drive Thru History and Heritage Classical History’s Ancient Rome. I will be posting a review of all three supplements soon.

So, what are your plans for this second semester? Please take a minute to share. I’d love to read about them.


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Geometry in Art–Free Download

If your child is studying geometry and enjoys art, then they might like this free download, Geometry in Art. It was put together by Hilton Andrade de Mello.  Hilton Andrade de Mello is a graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from which he received his electrical/electronics engineering degree, and his Nuclear Engineering degree, both in 1962.

This book shows how geometric forms have been and continue to be used in the Arts and in Architecture, and how they appear in Nature.

The download is 114 pages. The last two pages contain links for the artwork, artists, miscellaneous, museums, cultural centers, encyclopedias, and geometry software.


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Hands-on Fun!

I read lots of homeschooling blogs every day. I also participate in lots of homeschooling forums. The question I see posted most is what to do with the little ones while working with the older kids during school time. I have an only so this is not a problem for me, but I can easily see how it could be a huge problem for lots of folks. 

I ran across a blog yesterday that posted a neat busy bag activity for the little ones. It was snowflake building…patterning activity. If you have ever used tangrams, then this is similar. My Little Alberta Family posted pictures and directions for making the snowflake busy bag. 

This activity, in my opinion, is not just for the little ones. It is a great educational activity for older kids as well. Patterning activities are connected to the basis for all mathematical understandings. So get busy today and make some patternrific fun!



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Free e-book on Numbers–Ages 12+

Curr Click is offering a free e-book on numbers, My Favorite Number, this weekend (expires on Monday, Aug. 29th). The e-book covers eight numbers:  pi, Googol , zero, speed of light, Avogadro’s number, square root of -1, gravitational constant, & infinity.  It is especially recommended for ages 12 and up.

The book is geared to last between 2-4 days.

My Favorite Number - A Preference Project™




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