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Can You Say Interquartile?

Logarithm, synthetic division, rational function, interquartile range, parabola, ¬†scalar, contrapositive, apothem, postulate‚Ķ Is your head spinning yet? These are only a sampling of eighth grade math vocabulary terms a student must master in order to effectively apply them to math principles. It’s also important to know these term in order to begin transitioning into high school, not to mention how crucial they are to passing TAKS, CRCT, or whatever test your state requires.

I will just be frank with you, I don’t remember learning half the terms eighth grade students are required to know and apply today. I think we expect more of students earlier and earlier these days. I don’t agree that it is always good either. Lots of kids are just not ready when schools introduce some concepts, yet they are forced to continue in what is sometimes so abstract for them. I know that is what happened to me in middle school. It wasn’t until later that I was able to handle most abstract thinking in math.

It doesn’t matter if middle school kids are a product of public school, private school, or if they are homeschool middle school kids, most of the curriculum available today will at least expose children to terms they are not familiar with. Don’t allow frustration to set in. Head it off by having them play online math vocabulary games to learn or reinforce terms for algebra, data & statistics, and geometry. The kid will thank you while they have a bit of fun, I know I sure would have back in the day!


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