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2012 Planner Set

The Christian Homeschool Hub is operated as a ministry to the homeschooling community. Currently they are offering a super neat 2012 Homeschool and Family Planner set.

Membership in the Homeschool Hub is free, but in order to get the planner, you must be a Platinum Member. Platinum members have access to wonderful downloads during the year.

Get this, a Platinum Membership, which is good for a year, is ONLY $1. Yes, one dollar. You can’t beat that!  The Platinum Membership fee is designed to help defray the costs associated with network storage and transfer fees.

So, what does this 150 page download include?

  • Our Home: A Week At A Glance
  • Monthly calendars with marked holidays
  • Weekly calendars with weekly scriptures
  • Monthly ‘To Do’ Master Lists
  • Forms to keep track of daily attendance and grades
  • Grading Rubrics for Lapbooking and Notebooking
  • A variety of planners for each month
    weekly lesson planning, unit and field trip planning
  • Forms to record things such as activities,
    library books, vocabulary and spelling lists
  • Memory verse cards
  • Assignment cards
  • Reading logs and book report forms
  • Chore Charts

To preview, go to: Planner Preview


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Honoring The Military

How many homeschool lapbooking writers read this blog? Lap books are a fun way to showcase a study about the military. It is also neat to add lap books to your child’s portfolio.

When the Iran war was going on, I wrote a letter that was delivered to a service man. I did not pick anyone in particular. I let the organization I used decide who would get it. The service man who received my letter wrote back. We continued to correspond until he went home. He told me how much it meant to get the letters. It made me smile.


Encourage your child to actively honor the military (excuse the split infinitive). There are several ways to show you care, and they are all educational.

Here are a few examples to get you started.

· Letters-I know I love to get letters in the mail, so I can only imagine how it must feel for a soldier to receive one, especially from someone they don’t know. It shows them they are being thought about. Organizations like Operation Gratitude accept letters that they will include in care packages. If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor in the military, ask for their address and send them a letter. If your child is very young, have them draw pictures. Sometimes the person who receives the letter will write back. It only takes one stamp to mail letters to our military who are overseas. Educational Opportunities: Make sure you use good grammar and punctuation. This is great real life practice on letter writing and addressing envelopes. On a map, pin point where the solider is located once you find out, if you find out. Calculate the distance from your home to their location. Learn about the country the soldier is stationed in.

· Care package-Put together a care package. Include magazines, food that won’t spoil (check to see if there are specific food items that are not accepted. I sent a care package to a service woman stationed in Iraq and p0rk rinds, which were her favorite, were not allowed), socks, boot cleaner, toiletries, cards or games, books… are easy to send and not too expensive. You can get flat rate boxes free at the local post office. Don’t forget to include a letter and maybe a picture. To increase your chances of getting a return letter, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope; a few pieces of paper; a pen; and put them in your package. There is no need for a stamp on the envelope. In your letter to the Soldier, which you also put in the box, ask him/her to drop you a quick note. The organization, Any Soldier, is a good one to use. Educational Opportunities: Research what is and isn’t accepted in care packages, and why (some have to do with culture, religious beliefs, safety, and so on). When your child shop for items to send, have them follow a budget. Give them a calculator and a notebook to keep track of the money.  

· The Families At Home-Write a note to the family members who have a loved one serving in the military. We tend to forget about them. The kids of service men and women miss their parents. Educational Opportunities: Again, writing practice and addressing an envelope is the focus here. Locate the families home on a map. Calculate the distance from your home to their home, and calculate the distance from their home to their where their family member is stationed. Add all the distances up. Draw lines connecting all three locations on a map.

The best thing you can send is your SUPPORT! Tell them you are proud of them. Let them know you care. It only takes a minute, but your simple expression will make a huge impression.


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Giveaway–Free Project Pack Bundle

Do you like lapbooking? Do you like freebies? Great news for you! In the Hands of a Child is eagerly anticipating the release of their 400th Project Pack, and when they do, they will be celebrating with a HUGE 400th Project Pack Celebration! One of my lucky blog readers will win a free Project Pack Bundle from from them. Keep an eye on their website (and be sure to sign up for their newsletter–link below) for more information about the HUGE 400th Project Pack Celebration.

Make a wishlist of your top 5 favorite titles from In the Hands of a Child Project Packs. Post your list here on my blog (click on “comment” or “leave a reply” to post your wishlist). One lucky blog reader will be choosen at random. That reader will receive a free bundle pack** from In the Hands of a Child! The giveaway will be sometime around the first of this new year, so get busy making your wishlist. 

Also included during the celebration will be great discounts, three completely free one year Super Memberships ($225 value), a FREE Custom Ordered Project Pack (you tell them the topic and grade level and they do all the work, a $75 value), and a FREE Lifetime Super Membership ($275 value)!

**Free bundle packs include a printed Project Pack, Kit Pack, and Answer Key (when available) which will be mailed to you when the drawing is completed. This is a $40 value with EVERYTHING covered by In the Hands of a Child, including shiping!

 In the Hands of a Child offers a FREE complete unit every 6 months which can be downloaded by anyone at:

Free Download
They also have $5.00 weekly ebooks!

To download their FREE 2010 E-Catalog visit:

Free Catalog

I can’t wait to read everyone’s wishlist.


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