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Little House Lapbook –Free

Homeschool Share is offering a fantastic free lapbook study guide for Little House on the Prairie.



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Free Physics Lapbooks AND Resources

Squidoo has compiled several resources into one page.

This page has material for making at least six lapbooks.

  • Forces and Motion Lapbook
  • Simple Machines Lapbook
  • Light and Color Lapbook
  • Sound Lapbook
  • Electricity Lapbook
  • Magnetism Lapbook

You have to read through the article and click the links to all the free resources, videos, and printables.


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Educational Freebies–Limited Time Offer

Here are some great educational freebies available at CurrClick.

The Heroes Among Us 

This Unit includes activities that surround the theme of Heroes and Community service.  It also zeros in on the great heroes that bravely sacrificed their lives for the common good on September 11th. Use code MSM9/11 to get a free copy. This offer is good through Sept. 4th, 2012.


Use coupon code MSMkit to get a free copy of #2 Kit Learns a Lesson: American Girls Thanksgiving Lapbook. This offer is good through September 4, 2012.

Travel along with Kit, a very practical and creative girl during the Great Depression. With only a few weeks away…Kit starts to wonder if her father will have to leave and go find work somewhere far away. Uncertainty seems to be all Kit can focus on but with the help of faithful friends and family her wish of keeping her father at home may just come true.

Learn about secret codes, how to be part of a family, who helped who in 1621 at the first thanksgiving, how people during the Great Depression helped each other, as well as how to sacrifice for others and be grateful for what one has.

2 Complete Lapbooks based on the book by Valerie Tripp

Enjoy making the lapbooks as you read each chapter.


Make each lapbook after you have read the entire book!

What do you get…

– Instructions on “How to” complete your Lapbooks
– 20 Pages of Lapbook Parts including Cover Art & Words!
– Suggested Answers
– Color photos of completed lapbooks!


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Free U.S. Constitution Lapbook & Unit Study

Constitution Day is coming September 17, 2012. In order to help you get ready I found some free resources for you.

The first resource is a U.S. Constitution Lapbook Unit from Squidoo. This page is LOADED with so many great links for activities and lapbooks you won’t know what to do. It includes patriotic music lessons, the Citizen’s Almanac, the preamble, interactive history lessons, Bill of Rights, and I even saw paper dolls listed. There is simply too much for me to list. It is definitely worth checking out.

The second resource is from Hillsdale College and is a form to request a free copy of the constitution. It takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive, so if you order now you should be ready by Constitution Day.

Sometime back I posted a link to a free rap song for the Constitution. Be sure to check that site to see if they are still offering it.


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Bible ABC Pocket Games Lapbook–Free

ABC Pocket Games Lapbook

Currclick and A Journey Through Learning have joined up to offer this fantastic download free of charge for this week only! This $13.00 value ends Friday November 25th, so hurry and grab this one right now!

You will need a coupon code to get the lapbook for free. I am not allowed to post the code, so go to this page to get the code.

Here is what A Journey Through Learning says about their book:

Now your preschooler doesn’t have to feel left out of school! Here is a really fun and creative way for your child to practice matching upper case and lower case letters, tracing the letters, and practicing beginning sounds-all in a hands on way! This lapbook is 4 folders big!

Here is a review by Meg, a member of Heart of the Matter:

A terrific alphabet/phonics based lapbook from A Journey Through Learning is the ABC Pocket Games Lapbook. It’s a printable lapbook that requires the simple assembly of pocket-shaped envelopes, one for each letter of the alphabet. The letters on top of each pocket are traceable, making the entire lapbook interactive and practice enhancing.

For each alphabet letter, there are two high-color, detailed picture cards. To play the game, all you child must do is sound out each picture word and place it in in the pocket envelope of the letter with which that word begins. 

Convenient storage pockets are also included for easy storage and ease of preparation for the next lapbook session. Another bonus attachment is printable uppercase and lowercase letter cards, so that your child can practice matching these, as well. These have faces and arms and legs, making them fun and silly to play with, too. Clearly, there is an activity for every child, regardless of their developmental skill level and current knowledge of the alphabet. This lapbook would be just perfect for side-by-side sibling play.

I love that the lapbook also includes other activities on a separate, listed page which help to further teach alphabet letters and letter sounds!



[4 of 5 Stars!]


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Honoring The Military

How many homeschool lapbooking writers read this blog? Lap books are a fun way to showcase a study about the military. It is also neat to add lap books to your child’s portfolio.

When the Iran war was going on, I wrote a letter that was delivered to a service man. I did not pick anyone in particular. I let the organization I used decide who would get it. The service man who received my letter wrote back. We continued to correspond until he went home. He told me how much it meant to get the letters. It made me smile.


Encourage your child to actively honor the military (excuse the split infinitive). There are several ways to show you care, and they are all educational.

Here are a few examples to get you started.

· Letters-I know I love to get letters in the mail, so I can only imagine how it must feel for a soldier to receive one, especially from someone they don’t know. It shows them they are being thought about. Organizations like Operation Gratitude accept letters that they will include in care packages. If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor in the military, ask for their address and send them a letter. If your child is very young, have them draw pictures. Sometimes the person who receives the letter will write back. It only takes one stamp to mail letters to our military who are overseas. Educational Opportunities: Make sure you use good grammar and punctuation. This is great real life practice on letter writing and addressing envelopes. On a map, pin point where the solider is located once you find out, if you find out. Calculate the distance from your home to their location. Learn about the country the soldier is stationed in.

· Care package-Put together a care package. Include magazines, food that won’t spoil (check to see if there are specific food items that are not accepted. I sent a care package to a service woman stationed in Iraq and p0rk rinds, which were her favorite, were not allowed), socks, boot cleaner, toiletries, cards or games, books… are easy to send and not too expensive. You can get flat rate boxes free at the local post office. Don’t forget to include a letter and maybe a picture. To increase your chances of getting a return letter, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope; a few pieces of paper; a pen; and put them in your package. There is no need for a stamp on the envelope. In your letter to the Soldier, which you also put in the box, ask him/her to drop you a quick note. The organization, Any Soldier, is a good one to use. Educational Opportunities: Research what is and isn’t accepted in care packages, and why (some have to do with culture, religious beliefs, safety, and so on). When your child shop for items to send, have them follow a budget. Give them a calculator and a notebook to keep track of the money.  

· The Families At Home-Write a note to the family members who have a loved one serving in the military. We tend to forget about them. The kids of service men and women miss their parents. Educational Opportunities: Again, writing practice and addressing an envelope is the focus here. Locate the families home on a map. Calculate the distance from your home to their home, and calculate the distance from their home to their where their family member is stationed. Add all the distances up. Draw lines connecting all three locations on a map.

The best thing you can send is your SUPPORT! Tell them you are proud of them. Let them know you care. It only takes a minute, but your simple expression will make a huge impression.


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Island of the Blue Dolphins–FREE

Since Dolphin Tale is currently playing at the theatre, thought this super freebie might be fun to conquer right now.

Curr Click is offering a FREE Literature Study Project Pack for Island of the Blue Dolphins. It is geared for grades 4-8. The listed value for the item is $16.99.

Here is what the site says:

Teachers and Homeschool parents love our high-interest, hands-on curriculum including Lapbook Project Packs, Notebooking Packs and Thematic Unit Study Packs. With this unit study you will be able to teach your 4th-8th grade classroom about the story, “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’Dell. Make your lesson planning easy with the 93-page Island of the Blue Dolphins: A Literature Study Based on the Book by Scott O’Dell Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child. This pack includes a 10-day Planning Guide, Related Reading and Bibliography, 28 hands-on activities PLUS 4 Fun Extension Activities, a 21-page Research Guide complete with chapter summaries, discussion questions, and brief introductions to dolphins, the Lost Woman of San Nicolas, and survival skills; and an Answer Key.

The reviews looked good, and the price is awesome! I am not sure how long this will be available for free, so grab it quickly.

You  might want to use some of the following as supplements to the Project Pack:

Explore Island of the Blue Dolphins

Glencoe Literature Library


Lifestream Center

And be sure to check out You Tube for videos.


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It’s Alive!

I love history/social studies. My father was a history teacher back in the day. I think his love for history and learning rubbed off on me. Do you have kiddos that think history is dull, dry, or boring? Maybe it is! What a shame. History can be so vibrant with just a little extra effort. 

Social studies can be electrifying if you present material to the homeschool learning style of your child. I think it’s exciting to read about something in history and then actually have the opportunity to go explore the situation myself, or vice versa. Just the other day, my husband and I went to Andersonville, GA, and explored the POW/Civil War grounds and museum. The museum was not boring at all, and the movie we watched was fantastic. I actually felt uncomfortable when I was looking at the interactive display showing the barbed wire fence and spotlights around what was supposed to be a POW camp. While I was standing there (it was kind of dark), the spotlights came on and starting roving around me while the sirens began blaring and shots were fired. I can’t say I know what it’s like to be held captive, but this display certainly helped me understand a little better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

So how about history around your house? Is it dead and gone, or is full of life? I will say that if you only read about history/social studies you will run the risk of it being dry and boring for sure. Play social studies learning games, act out favorite scenes from something you are studying or create your own play, dress as a character you are studying, have the kids dress up from a specific time period, make your own game boards, plan field trips or vacations to locations you are learning about, compose a song about an event or person in history, scrapbook or lapbook your fieldtrip or history vacation, design a poster about a specific event, interview a grandparent or great grandparent about life when they were young, learn about your family history and make a tree to record the info, make a brochure about a state or an event from history, make a salt map, create a recipe from a specific time period, design a postage stamp for a specific event in history, make a shadowbox or a diorama, write a children’s history comic book… The ideas are limitless as is the fun! So tomorrow, try to make  history come to life around your house.



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Free Butterfly Lapbook

May 10, 2011

This Week Only: Free Butterflies Lapbook Project Pack ($19.99 Value)

This week only, In the Hands of a Child has dropped the price on their Butterflies Lapbook to…FREE!  This 81-page project pack contains a 15-page research guide and 24 hands-on activities.


How to Get this Freebie:  Visit the Butterflies Lapbook page at CurrClick, and click on “Get It Free.”  This is a download (pdf) product.  You will need to sign in as a CurrClick member (free), but you will not need to supply any payment information.

This is a Limited Time Offer


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