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Book Review: Our America…The King Philip’s War

Susan KIlbride’s second book in her Our America series is titled, The King Philip’s War.

Our America....The King Philip's War Adventure (Volume 2)

Summary: Finn & Ginny’s parents are lost back in time, and the two young twins have decided to take a second trip back to early America to find them. In The Pilgrim Adventure they had found themselves living on the Mayflower, but this time they get caught up in the horrors of King Philip’s War.

I am not going to say much more about the story itself because I don’t want to spoil it for you. What I can tell you is that Sue has written another wonderful living history book. This is one war I wasn’t familiar with at all, so I was glad to read about it. Due to the nature of the book, the horrors of war, the book is recommended for ages 10+. Kilbride doesn’t go into graphic detail about the useless killing, but it is mentioned several times to properly tell the story. If your child is very sensitive, I suggest you read the story first, then decide if you think your child can handle it.

Sue waves great historical detail into the story in such a realistic way. Finn and Ginny meet many ancestors who are actually real ancestors of Kilbride. I think her sense of writing sort of her own personal history made the book even more interesting for this reader. It caused me to think about my ancestors. This would be a great way to introduce genealogy to your child.

The back of the book includes a timeline from July 1662 through August 1676. There are also several pages of really interesting historical notes, but that’s not all, Sue offers neat  hands-on activities that match this history study at her website Funtastic Unit Studies. The activity page is completely free. I highly suggest you check the page before reading the book so you will have the necessary materials on hand when you get to those particular activities.

I look forward to following Finn and Ginny on their next adventure as they continue the search for their parents. I know wherever Sue takes us, we will be sure to learn something we didn’t already know.

This wonderful living history book is on sale at Please take a moment to read the reviews on her past two books, Our America…The Pilgrim Adventure and Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers.


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Review: Our America…The Pilgrim Adventure

Our America…The Pilgrim Adventure by Susan Kilbride

Susan Kilbride, homeschool mother and author, has done it again! Our America….The Pilgrim Adventure, is Susan’s first book in her new Our America series, and it is a wonderful way to involve kids of all ages in learning about early America.

If you are a homeschooler, this book is just for you. The storyline involves homeschooled twins, Finn and Ginny, in a search for their missing parents. This fantastic search lands the twins aboard the Mayflower and eventually the new land. Mystery and adventure keep your attention while historical facts are seamlessly woven into the story. The book is written in modern language so any reader will be able to easily read and understand, but this does not take away from the accurateness or historical feel of the story.

The back of the book includes wonderful historical notes, a bibliography, and few helpful websites if you want to expand your study. The back cover of the book includes a link to Susan’s website, Funtastic Unit Studies, which has a free companion unit study to this book.

I enjoyed the story very much, so much so that I finished it in one sitting! I can’t wait to see where Finn and Ginny look for their parents in the next book. You and your kids will love the addition of The Pilgrim Adventure in your Pilgrim unit studies, or just for reading enjoyment.

You can buy Susan’s book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

*This review is my opinion. I was not given any compensation other than a copy of the book.


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