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Making Memories the School Way


Christmas will soon be here, but in the mean time, school must go on. I know it can be hard to get the kids to focus with all the fun festivities, shopping, planning, snow, holiday cooking, Christmas movies, tree decorating, and more, but the kids still have spelling lists to learn, math to solve, and stories to write. You can use popular word lists that include winter or Christmas words to make spelling tests, and you can use Christmas themed writing paper for your child to compose stories.

A friend told me about a super fun idea that rolls school, Christmas, and family all into one. As a special treat for the whole family, extended and immediate, have your child interview a grandparent. If you have more than one child, have one interview grandma, and one interview grandpa. They can interview using a recorder, making notes, or videoing the interview. A combination might be best.


Once the interview is finished, have your child or children go back through the interview and pick out several interesting bits of information that the family might not be familiar with. Your child is going to create a crossword puzzle using the information from the interview. Have them pass it out when the family gathers to celebrate Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa will be honored and the family will enjoy reliving old memories and learning something new about their loved ones. See, school can be fun!



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