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Giveaway–Free Project Pack Bundle

Do you like lapbooking? Do you like freebies? Great news for you! In the Hands of a Child is eagerly anticipating the release of their 400th Project Pack, and when they do, they will be celebrating with a HUGE 400th Project Pack Celebration! One of my lucky blog readers will win a free Project Pack Bundle from from them. Keep an eye on their website (and be sure to sign up for their newsletter–link below) for more information about the HUGE 400th Project Pack Celebration.

Make a wishlist of your top 5 favorite titles from In the Hands of a Child Project Packs. Post your list here on my blog (click on “comment” or “leave a reply” to post your wishlist). One lucky blog reader will be choosen at random. That reader will receive a free bundle pack** from In the Hands of a Child! The giveaway will be sometime around the first of this new year, so get busy making your wishlist. 

Also included during the celebration will be great discounts, three completely free one year Super Memberships ($225 value), a FREE Custom Ordered Project Pack (you tell them the topic and grade level and they do all the work, a $75 value), and a FREE Lifetime Super Membership ($275 value)!

**Free bundle packs include a printed Project Pack, Kit Pack, and Answer Key (when available) which will be mailed to you when the drawing is completed. This is a $40 value with EVERYTHING covered by In the Hands of a Child, including shiping!

 In the Hands of a Child offers a FREE complete unit every 6 months which can be downloaded by anyone at:

Free Download
They also have $5.00 weekly ebooks!

To download their FREE 2010 E-Catalog visit:

Free Catalog

I can’t wait to read everyone’s wishlist.


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Book Giveaway By Marty Layne

Marty Lane is an author, speaker, musician, and artist. She un/homeschooled her four children and wrote the book,Learning At Home: A Mother’s Guide To Homeschooling. Her CD, Brighten The Day, is a collection of children’s songs to celebrate the seasons. Marty makes handmade toys too.

She just published her children’s book, Autumn Stories, about the beautiful autumn days and the coming of winter. You can sign up to win a copy of her new book at the web site below.  Good luck! Let me know if you win.  🙂

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Free File Folder Games & Pocket Charts

Below is a wonderful blog you might want to check out. It is set up nicely.  Right now, Lisa is giving away a neat set of brand new file folder games. Be sure to check her blog.



Free File Folder Games& Pocket Charts

I’m giving away some great File Folder Games from the Dollar Tree & a couple Pocket Charts on my blog. Please stop by!


Lisa xoxo


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Staples Gift Card Giveaway!

Giveaway: $25 Staples Gift Card!

Today’s sponsored giveaway is from Staples, the world’s largest office supply store. They want to offer one of you a $25 shopping spree gift card.

Are you ready for back-to-school days? Click on the link below for more info.

Staples Gift Card

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Free Chemistry Curriculum Giveaway!

Giveaway from Friendly Chemistry: A $100 Teacher & Student Curriculum Set!

After a quick read through the introduction of Friendly Chemistry, you’ll find that, hmm, chemistry is a little more interesting than you thought. Read a bit longer and you’ll find yourself surprisingly absorbed in elements and molecules.

The writers and publishers of Friendly Chemistry are Joey and Lisa Hajda, two very qualified teachers. They describe Friendly Chemistry like this: “Friendly Chemistry was written using simple language and a host of analogies to make learning (and teaching!) chemistry easy. We believe that the chemistry concepts presented in Friendly Chemistry are NOT watered-down. The concepts are just explained in ways that are readily understood by most learners. Coupled with these explanations is a host of teaching aids, labs and games which makes the learning concrete and multi-sensory. Students find the course fun and painless. Parents often comment, ‘I wish I had had this when I was taking chemistry. Now it all makes so much sense!’ ”

Visit the Friendly Chemistry site for answers to questions about the program for homeschoolers or for answers to questions about using the program in private or public schools. The set retails for $100 ($50 for the student edition, including manipulatives + $50 for the teacher edition).

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Free Art Program for High Schoolers

Giveaway from Spears Art Studio: A Full High School Art Curriculum! (and Free Lessons for All!)
Spears Art Studio, Inc. offers “fine art and private & homeschool K-12th grades Christian art curriculum supporting the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages of Classical education.”

Spears Art Studio giveaway of a full high school art curriculum

This art curriculum is Christian based, with many projects working with Biblical themes. Each lesson is accompanied by a suggested set of Bible verses to read.
One of you will win a CD-rom of the

Spears Art Studio High School Art Curriculum

value $34.90, international shipping included

giveaway for high school art curriculum
Here is a description of the curriculum from the publishers:

Spears Art Studio High School Art Curriculum, A Study from a Christian Worldview© is a student manual written for HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES AND CO-OPS, PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS, and INDEPENDENT STUDY.

Seven Major Themes, 36 Lessons, 75 Art Activities, 36 Sketchbook Assignments
* Supports the Rhetoric Stage of Classical Education

* Addresses:
o art elements – line, shape, space, color, texture, form

o principles of design – repetition/pattern, proportion, contrast/value, emphasis/ focal point, balance/symmetry/asymmetry, unity, variety, harmony, movement/force/rhythm

o perception skills – edges, spaces, relationships, light/shadow, gestalt
processes – drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber, printmaking, graphic design

* Contains:
o connections in each lesson – Scripture, art history, contemporary art connections

o 144 visual memory exercises

o unit tests and answer keys

o helps: tips and subs; how to evaluate artwork, etc.

o analyzed for National Visual Art Standards

o 162 pages total, 177 black and white illustrations, 52 color illustrations

* Accreditation option

There are many free lessons at the Spears Art Studio website. These are full lesson plans, ready to download and save or print:

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Heart of Wisdom GIVEAWAY!

Heart of Wisdom GIVEAWAY! 20 Free Ebooks $300.00 Value!

To enter: Post a question, discussion, start a new topic, or comment on a topic on this board.

The goal of the contest is to promote conversation on this new designed board. We need to get used to 4 forums now being groups.

Important Details

A post a is starting a discussion or a reply to a discussion. It is not a quick “thanks” or “good post” 25 word minimum topic. For every post you will receive one entry. If you post this contest on your blog you receive 2 extra entries (let me know).

The drawing will be July 30, 2010 using Ten posters will be chosen.

Ten people will each win TWO Heart of Wisdom Ebooks ($30.00 value) but more importantly you will meet and get to know new friends!

Post to win two $15.00 ebooks of your choice!

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