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Fraction Action

Does your child’s math vocabulary include fractions? Fractions are easy to understand in the beginning. As fraction lessons progress into adding, subtracting, multiplying, simplifying… it can become frustrating for many children. Most textbooks have kids memorize the many rules for fractions. The problem is that kids memorize the rules, but they have no idea where the rules came from, so they really don’t have a clue if their answer is reasonable. They function like a robot as they solve problems–throwing out numbers here and there and adding or multiplying this and that until they get something they hope is the answer. The best way to help kids truly understand fractions is to have them visualize fractions in their mind. This ensures the steps used to solve equations become concrete. Use lots of hands-on activities.  Have kids draw simple pictures of each step EVERY time they work with fractions until it becomes second nature to them. Visuals help them fully understand the why of each step and ultimately decided if their solution is reasonable.


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