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My daughter has CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) and dyslexia. Both make learning a challenge for her, even though she is bright. She is a visual learner, so I try to make sure her learning leans toward her learning style.

Spelling curriculum, even beginning spelling curriculum, is difficult at best. Phonics just don’t mean much to her. She can’t really process the sounds. She can tell you basic phonics rules, but they don’t carry over into practical use. When she was in elementary school, I had her write a spelling word on one side of a blank 3X5 index card. The vowels were in one color and consonants in another color. On the back side of the index card, she would draw a picture of what the word meant to her. Because she is right-brained learner, this helped immensely.


She still has trouble spelling to this day. I remind her to use spell check when she writes on the computer. Sometimes spell check doesn’t work if her spelling is way off. We also have a program geared for dyslexics called Ginger Software. It recognizes many words a dyslexic person might spell.

What things do you do to help your learning challenged child, if you have one?



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