Alphabet Soup – Printable Worksheet to Learn ABC Order

14 Aug

Today we are in for a tasty tidbit. Jennifer Needham, at Nutrition For Healthy Kids, is guest blogging a neat activity for learning ABC order and eating healthy. Pull up a kitchen chair and enjoy!

photo credit:  Nick Harris

Trying to teach alphabetical order to your kids?  You’ve probably discovered that it’s one thing for a child to know their ABCs, and quite another to alphabetize a list of words. But conquering alphabetical order is important later in life when trying to find a book in the library, or making use of a phone book, so don’t give up!

Have you tried having your kids use a dictionary to reinforce this skill?  You have to know alphabetical order to use a dictionary, right?  How about alphabet soup?  Make it yourself for a healthy meal, and let your assistants put the ingredients in ABC order as you cook.  That would make a silly, but educational, lunchtime diversion!

Here’s a fun worksheet to add to your toolkit of ABC order activities, and it teaches about fruits and vegetables too!

Alphabetical order worksheet


Thank you so much for sharing this creative activity, Jennifer. What a fun way to learn alphabetical order. Mom can even call out a letter and the kids can find the letter that comes before and after and then eat them. Yummy! I will bet most kids enjoy spelling them name with the letters too.

Be sure to visit Jennifer’s blog, Nutrition for Healthy Kids:  You Are What You Eat! for more great education and health related articles. This is an index of her nutrition lessons.


About the Author:  Jennifer Needham is a homeschooling mom to 5 kids and passionate about healthy eating.  You can view her lesson plans to teach nutrition to kids at Nutrition For Healthy Kids.


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