Hands-on Fun!

20 Sep

I read lots of homeschooling blogs every day. I also participate in lots of homeschooling forums. The question I see posted most is what to do with the little ones while working with the older kids during school time. I have an only so this is not a problem for me, but I can easily see how it could be a huge problem for lots of folks. 

I ran across a blog yesterday that posted a neat busy bag activity for the little ones. It was snowflake building…patterning activity. If you have ever used tangrams, then this is similar. My Little Alberta Family posted pictures and directions for making the snowflake busy bag. 

This activity, in my opinion, is not just for the little ones. It is a great educational activity for older kids as well. Patterning activities are connected to the basis for all mathematical understandings. So get busy today and make some patternrific fun!



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