Say again, What did you mean?

22 Aug


Sometimes words that can be used as verbs or nouns are called multiple meaning words. Multiple meaning words (including homophones) can have more than one use or definition, and the intended use must be conveyed by the context, the other words in the sentence or paragraph. You might enjoy this Between the Lions video clip about the multiple meanings of “cool”.


Consider the following: 

  • I took my shower before the shower began this morning.
  • I hope you fare well at the fair today.
  • The weather was fair at the fair this week.
  • I read a funny story in my red book.
  • The news was flooded with stories about the flood in our town.
  • Did he mean I shouldn’t pet mean dogs?
  • Did you hear the radio in here?
  • I did not know you meant no.

I think you might agree that understanding multiple meaning words is very important. It helps kids on state standardized tests and helps them understand meanings conveyed in sentences. So, make sure the kiddos put on their thinking cap when reading!



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