Rocky and Handsome

07 Jul


I know I mostly write about educational stuff, but I wanted to write about the two newest additions to our farm, Rocky and Handsome, two fun bull calves. Handsome was Tuesday, July 5,and Rocky is about 6-7 days old. These bottle boys are awesome (I really want to say precious, but I just don’t think it fits with boys). They are Holsteins, look like the Chick-fil-a cows.

Rocky definitely loves getting his bottle. He will chase you down for it. When the bottle runs dry, he will spend his time sucking your fingers or legs, or anything that might possibly give a little more milk (in his mind anyway). My baby goat, Lucy, is glad we brought the boys home because she just ran out of milk replacer. They saved the day for her! I am weaning her anyway. Rocky loves to run with my daughter. Kicking and jumping are among his favorites. Handsome is still too little to enjoy all that yet. He mostly sleeps. They both got their first shots last night. Poor Handsome had scours, too. He is much better today.

My little boys will soon big very big boys and gone before I know it, so I am going to enjoy every day with them while they are here.

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