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04 Jul

Are you familiar with Analogies? It is a way to compare one thing to another. It can help you understand something that is not familiar to you. A doctor might use an analogy to explain a medical condition or disease to his patient. Some examples might be: 

Hypertension   to   Pressure on pipes

High blood pressure is like having high pressure in a pipe.  It damages the pipe, but you often don’t see a problem until it bursts.


Insulin   to     Freeway

Glucose is like cars on the freeway.  The insulin opens up the off ramps so it can get out of the blood stream and into the cells where the sugar is needed.

Mary Paeth


Aneurysm   to    Garden hose

An aneurysm is like the bulge you can get in a garden hose.  The bigger the bulge, the weaker the wall and the more likely it will burst.


Students should learn to solve analogies because it not only develops their logical thinking and reasoning skills, but also builds visual awareness and verbal proficiency. Understanding the analogy process is significant as far as problem solving and decision making are concerned. It also plays a big part in perception, memory, creativity, emotion, explanations, and of course, communication. Being able to understand and use analogies  helps the business man, song writer, doctor, scientist, poet, teacher…. Douglas Hofstadter says that analogy is the “core of cognition”. Maybe that is because analogies help us to understand commonalities at all levels of learning.

So much for the technical stuff, let’s have fun with analogies.  Try the following on for size:







Possible Answers: Sue, artist,bookcase, fire, triangle

It is easy to add analogy study to your homeschool curricula. There are many different types of analogies, so start slow and easy. Work up to harder comparisons as the student catches on. Every now and then, throw in some funny ones to keep it fresh.



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