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14 May

Below you will find great info about the Blogging 101 course that I have as a give-away. Five lucky readers will be able to win a free 8-week blogging course.  Just leave a comment stating your top three reasons for wanting to take the blog course or wanting to make your blog better… The give-away will end May 15th at mid-night.  For an extra entry,  follow @blogwritingcourse on Twitter.  Leave a comment letting me know you are following.

Whether you are an absolute newbie blogger, or have had a blog for a while but want to improve it and grow your audience, is your source for blogging how-to’s!  Head to for TONS of free blogging info, and even a completely free automated Intro to Blogging course.  Then, if you decide blogging is for you, offers  Blogging 101 – – an eight-week,  self-propelled, comprehensive course that will guide you through all the basics of creating and establishing your new blog. The units covered in the Blogging 101 curriculum include:

  1. Introduction to Blogging (all the basics for the beginning blogger)
  2. Laying Your Cards On The Table (blog titles, platforms, and start-up instructions)
  3. It’s All About Me (blogging safety, “About Me” pages, and blog design)
  4. Build That Content and Make It Snazzy (writing quality posts, commenting, and adding media)
  5. It’s The Little Things That Count (sidebars, widgets, categories, and static pages)
  6. Mi Blog es Su Blog – – Building Community (growing a readership, blog promotion, and blogrolls)
  7. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (more blog promotion strategies and making money with your blog)
  8. Looking Back and Looking Forward (tips and strategies for continuing to grow your blog after the course)

When you have completed the Blogging 101 course, you will have not only learned the basics of blogging, but you will have your VERY OWN BLOG, several quality posts, and very possibly a growing following of readers!  Whether you are a mom wanting to chronicle your family’s  exploits, an entrepreneur who wants a place to showcase their new business, a middle or high schooler who is looking for an interactive writing platform, or anyone who simply wants to explore themselves and the world around them more deeply, Blogging 101 is ready to help you accomplish your blogging goals.


 I am a course alumni and LOVED the course! Leave a comment listing the top 3 reasons you want to take the course. For an extra entry, follow BWC on twitter @blogwritingcourse.


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4 responses to “Blog-At-Your-Own Pace

  1. Tara McMillan

    May 15, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    I just stumbled upon your blog…I have a son who has autism and I home school as well. I have a blog, and I want to post more popular content in order to help pay my college bill off. I would like to take the course, if I am a winner. I think it would help motivate me, and enable me to be a better writer.
    Thanks so much
    Tara McMillan

  2. quaintscribbles

    May 14, 2011 at 11:47 PM

    Good reasons! Best wishes to you, Shandi, and thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Shandi Sequoia

    May 14, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    I follow @blogwritingcourse on Twitter.

  4. Shandi Sequoia

    May 14, 2011 at 11:40 PM

    I would like to take a blog-writing course because:
    1. To write an interesting blog
    2. To be able to entertain on my blog
    3. To earn some extra income from my blog (hopefully)


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