FREE Blogging Course

01 May

Did you just say a FREE blogging course??

cooltext455131299Yes.  Yes, in fact I did say a FREE blogging course. is proud to offer new or potential bloggers a free introductory course into the world of blogging.  That means that if you have been entertaining the idea of starting a blog, but felt that you really didn’t know where to begin, then we have a course for you!!

Intro to Blogging is a fun and interactive automated course to help you get your feet wet in the blogosphere.  There are a series of videos, short readings, and interactive exercises which you can take over a week or so, taking perhaps a total of two hours.  During this time, you’ll discover:

– how easy it is to blog

– what the basic lingo (vocabulary) is

– some basics about online safety

– whether blogging is something for you or not

Don’t let a lack of knowledge intimidate you from starting a blog or even taking a blog writing course.  By signing up for and taking our free pre-course you know what it’s all about. You’ll understand the lingo. You’ll know how to stay safe online and you’ll know how to create and promote your own blog.

Join the growing number of bonified bloggers who have gotten their start in blogging right here – – at!


Blog Writing Course has partnered with me to offer 5 readers a free Blogging 101 course which is the next course after the free pre-course.  I am a course alumni and LOVED it! Leave a comment listing the top 3 reasons you want to take the course. For an extra entry, follow BWC on twitter @blogwritingcourse.

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One response to “FREE Blogging Course

  1. Kelly McAlistet

    May 6, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Hi. I saw this on RUL. I had a blog a while ago , but havent written in a while because I felt I didnt have the time. The main reasons I would like this course is
    1)I have decided I need writing as an outlet because I love to write.
    2)because even though I feel Im a pretty good writer there’s always room to learn more.
    3)because I plan to use my blog not only as a record of our unschooling days, but also to help others on their path to life long learning.


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