Blog Give-away

25 Apr

Do you have a diary? Do you have your own blog? Why or why not? A blog is much like a diary, or it can be if you choose to go that direction.

I love writing. I remember keeping a diary as a very young girl and adult. When my daughter was born, I kept a diary for her for several years. Some day she will enjoy reading it. Do you find that writing helps you express yourself, even if nobody ever reads what you write? Blogging can be great therapy. I read an article the other day about how blogging gives therapeutic aid to patients. I am not surprised.

If you own a business, even a home business, blogging is a great way to promote that business. Do your relatives live far away? Blogging is a super way to keep friends and family up on the goings on in your family. Are you an expert in some area? Other folks are always looking for help. Your blog might just be the ticket. Some people even blog together. Then there are “vlogs” (video blogs). Blogging is also a great way to get kids to write more. If they are blogging about their passion, they will enjoy what they are doing. There are lots of different ways to express yourself via a blog.

Don’t let blogging cause anxiety because you don’t know all the ins and outs. I recently took a free intro to blogging course and it was great. I was able to learn at my own pace because the course was automated. I went on to take a full eight week blog writing course that covered absolutely everything I needed to know and then some! It was invaluable. It will take some time for me to implement all I learned, but I am making headway and having the time of my life as I go.

How about you–are you ready to start a blog? I want to help you if you really want to learn about blogging. I contacted the site I took my courses from and they have agreed to partner with me and offer 5 of my readers a free 8 week blogging course–Blogging 101. Click here to look around the site. Sign up for the free pre-course to blogging, then come back here and leave a comment telling me your top 3 reasons for wanting to take the blogging course. The contest begins today, April 25, 2011 and ends May 8, 2011. For an extra entry, click to follow them on Twitter–@blogwriting-and leave another comment telling me that.


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One response to “Blog Give-away

  1. nt12many

    May 1, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    I want to improve my blog (and thus am signed up for the free course) because I want my blog to:
    1)Encourage and inform discouraged women
    2)Make money
    3)Be a resource that I can send people to after I speak in churches and to homeschool groups.


    Jill Farris


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