Is It Time 4 Writing?

20 Apr

How many of you have tried to teach your kids to write? It’s not always easy, is it? Some kids are just not into writing and others can’t get enough. Which category do your children fall into? My daughter loves to write, she just doesn’t want to bother with the mechanics of making it correct for others to read! How many of you can identify? Perhaps she simply needs to take an interactive online writing course with someone other than Mom. She tends to manipulate Mom a lot easier than someone else. Sometimes I think it simply comes down to the student making their mind up that they will put a little effort into it–kinda like the alcoholic who can’t get better until they admit they have a problem. I happen to think writing is fun–great therapy! I’ve always loved it.

My daughter absolutely loves anime. If anime included writing, she would be all over it. I wish my daughter had inherited a little of my love for writing, and I bet she wishes I would “love” anime a little (who’s kidding, a lot!) more.  Maybe I should take a few classes about anime and she can take a writing course. Then we can compare notes.


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One response to “Is It Time 4 Writing?

  1. kat

    October 9, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    nice.. i live animes very much


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