What’s Your Reason?

04 Apr

There are as many reasons for homeschooling as there are curriculum choices. Some folks choose to homeschool because of financial reasons, health issues, unsatisfactory public or private school education, religious or faith-based reasons, child not being challenged enough, special needs… The list goes on and on. I homeschool my daughter, like many folks, for several reasons. When my daughter was about nine years old, her Dad and I chose to take her out of public school (she had attended both public and private school during the previous years) because of learning issues and the lack of quality teaching at the public school she was attending, despite the fact that she was attending one of the BEST public schools in the county! It was the best decision we ever made regarding her education. As time progressed, we realized that it wasn’t just learning issues and the poor public school education that shaped our decision to homeschool. Providing our child with a firm faith-based education became the most important reason for homeschooling her. My husband and I both believe that a Christian education is vital in shaping the life of our most precious possession, our daughter, thus Christian homeschooling became a way of life for our family. I must add that just because we choose to base our child’s education on our faith, it doesn’t mean that every curriculum or resource we use must be faith-based. We use an online resource as our core curriculum, and it is not faith-based. If a lesson comes up that we disagree with, we use that lesson as a teachable moment and discuss why we don’t agree with what it says. I will say that doesn’t happen often.  She needs to be aware of what’s floating around in the world so that she is comfortable with and very able to defend her faith. We also use Christian based books for history and science in addition to the resource we use as our core curriculum.


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