Can You Spell F*U*N?

28 Mar

I bet if you have a little one, they really enjoy playing games, hearing stories, and singing songs. You might get tired of The Wheels on the Bus or The Three Little Pigs, but they sure don’t. Preschooler’s enjoy learning and playing games. Try a healthy mix of inside games, outside games, online games… Games help build important learning skills and you get to spend quality time with your precious little one. Some preschoolers are even ready to tackle beginning spelling lists. Just remember to take the hard-core learning a little slow and enjoy the ride. They are truly only young once. They have a lifetime to explore the world of learning, besides, they learn even when you are cooking in the kitchen, driving the car, or cleaning house.  They are always watching and learning from your example–Be Careful Little Eyes!


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One response to “Can You Spell F*U*N?

  1. Eddie

    March 30, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    You’re right about them not getting bored of the same things over and over; for most of the last month, we have read and re-read Jabberwocky, The Lorax, and a large amphibian encyclopaedia as bedtime stories for my preschool sidekick.

    I throw in new stuff (songs, books, crafts every couple of days in the daytime to keep me sane, but for bedtime…..he just won’t budge.
    He’s getting a big kick out of the Time4Learning preschool program, too!


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