Tangled in H’s

07 Feb

The two kids want to go too! Please don’t desert me in the desert. They charge a fair price for popcorn at the fair. Do you ever get tangled up in homonyms, homophones, or homographs? It is very easy to do. Homonyms, homophones and homographs are words that are easily confused because they look alike or sound alike (or both) but have different meanings. An easy way to prevent the tangled mess you might make of them is to learn great tips that help you remember what each one is and does. Take time to memorize them and you won’t get tangled up again! Practice by playing online elementary games that focus on the skills you need to learn. If you are having trouble with homonyms or homographs, silent e, rhyming words… then seek out free online learning games that will help you sharpen your skills while having fun at the same time.


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