Secular Homeschooling/Eclectic Homeschooling

13 Aug

I have some friends who are embarking on an exciting new adventure in homeschooling by starting a new co-op group. They have the talent and perseverance to get it done. I noticed in their info that they are trying to appeal to secular homeschoolers. There is a large following of secular homeschoolers online. Homeschooling and homeschoolers come in all different packages. That is what makes the freedom of homeschooling so appealing. I lean more to the Christian roots of education. Just like homeschooling and homeschoolers come in various packages, styles of teaching also come in assorted wrappers. I use lots of different styles and types of learning in our homeschool setting. I guess you could say I am an eclectic homeschooler. I just don’t think there is one best curriculum or style when it comes to my child’s education, so I pick and choose according to what best suits her needs. I think lots of homeschoolers do this as well. That is one of the nice features of homeschooling! What method of homeschooling do you use? What type of “group” would you say you mostly fall into?


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