Free Chemistry Curriculum Giveaway!

28 Jul

Giveaway from Friendly Chemistry: A $100 Teacher & Student Curriculum Set!

After a quick read through the introduction of Friendly Chemistry, you’ll find that, hmm, chemistry is a little more interesting than you thought. Read a bit longer and you’ll find yourself surprisingly absorbed in elements and molecules.

The writers and publishers of Friendly Chemistry are Joey and Lisa Hajda, two very qualified teachers. They describe Friendly Chemistry like this: “Friendly Chemistry was written using simple language and a host of analogies to make learning (and teaching!) chemistry easy. We believe that the chemistry concepts presented in Friendly Chemistry are NOT watered-down. The concepts are just explained in ways that are readily understood by most learners. Coupled with these explanations is a host of teaching aids, labs and games which makes the learning concrete and multi-sensory. Students find the course fun and painless. Parents often comment, ‘I wish I had had this when I was taking chemistry. Now it all makes so much sense!’ ”

Visit the Friendly Chemistry site for answers to questions about the program for homeschoolers or for answers to questions about using the program in private or public schools. The set retails for $100 ($50 for the student edition, including manipulatives + $50 for the teacher edition).

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One response to “Free Chemistry Curriculum Giveaway!

  1. Lori @

    August 9, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    Wanted to drop by to thank you for the shout-outs! I’m happy to have discovered your blog, too, where I found out that salamanders are WAY bigger than I ever dreamed! Goodness!


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