I Love History, How About You?

27 Jul

I love history! I almost have a minor in it–only short two classes. My daughter doesn’t like history at all. I love to read about history, and then go see it when I can. Seeing places I’ve read about makes them come to life for me. I can picture myself as being there when things happened. However, my daughter doesn’t see it that way. She sees history as something dry and boring. How about your kids? How do they view history?

Presidents and women in history, such as the wife of a president, are important areas of study when learning about U.S. history. It’s fun to learn interesting facts about the presidents and their wives. Many times, first ladies influence their husband’s decisions. They contribute much during their husband’s time in office. A few presidents in the past didn’t have a wife while they were in office, so either nobody or another lady served as first lady.

I remember visiting Washington D.C. when I was 14. It was so exciting to see the White House, all the monuments, the Smithsonian, the Capitol, the mint… I went on a bus tour from Texas to Washington with a bunch of old folks and my grandmother. Since I was the only kid on the bus, they all treated me super. I think they actually enjoyed the enthusiasm of a teenager who loved history. What can I say, my father was a history major!

Since my daughter doesn’t care too much for history, I have to find creative ways to make it a bit more appealing for her. One way I do this is by having her learn via an online history program. When the lesson is interactive and has flash animation, she is more apt to listen and learn. Also, playing online history games makes learning a little more fun. When a child is playing a game, it’s not as threatening or

Presidents and First Ladies

“school like” for them.

I wish she had my zeal for history, but then again, I bet she wishes I had her zeal for astronomy!


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