Free Art Program for High Schoolers

27 Jul

Giveaway from Spears Art Studio: A Full High School Art Curriculum! (and Free Lessons for All!)
Spears Art Studio, Inc. offers “fine art and private & homeschool K-12th grades Christian art curriculum supporting the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages of Classical education.”

Spears Art Studio giveaway of a full high school art curriculum

This art curriculum is Christian based, with many projects working with Biblical themes. Each lesson is accompanied by a suggested set of Bible verses to read.
One of you will win a CD-rom of the

Spears Art Studio High School Art Curriculum

value $34.90, international shipping included

giveaway for high school art curriculum
Here is a description of the curriculum from the publishers:

Spears Art Studio High School Art Curriculum, A Study from a Christian Worldview© is a student manual written for HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES AND CO-OPS, PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS, and INDEPENDENT STUDY.

Seven Major Themes, 36 Lessons, 75 Art Activities, 36 Sketchbook Assignments
* Supports the Rhetoric Stage of Classical Education

* Addresses:
o art elements – line, shape, space, color, texture, form

o principles of design – repetition/pattern, proportion, contrast/value, emphasis/ focal point, balance/symmetry/asymmetry, unity, variety, harmony, movement/force/rhythm

o perception skills – edges, spaces, relationships, light/shadow, gestalt
processes – drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber, printmaking, graphic design

* Contains:
o connections in each lesson – Scripture, art history, contemporary art connections

o 144 visual memory exercises

o unit tests and answer keys

o helps: tips and subs; how to evaluate artwork, etc.

o analyzed for National Visual Art Standards

o 162 pages total, 177 black and white illustrations, 52 color illustrations

* Accreditation option

There are many free lessons at the Spears Art Studio website. These are full lesson plans, ready to download and save or print:

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