Contraction Action

12 Jul

Children begin learning about contractions in first grade. It’s a good idea to make sure they have a solid foundation to build upon. Be creative as you introduce the use of contractions in everyday language and writing. Spelling City is a great free resource site for teaching about contractions. They have information explaining ways to introduce contractions to kiddos. They also have games for kids to practice making contractions. You can use their over 400 word lists or import your own spelling word list so kids can practice using specific vocabulary and spelling words.

Another neat site for practicing using the apostrophe in making contractions is Vocabulary Can Be Fun. “Where Does the Apostrophe Go?” is a fun, interactive game. There are three rounds of play. Each round has five questions. If you look on the left side of the page, you will see a clickable link for more contraction games and information. There are games for grades K-2 and 3-5th.

Use of the apostrophe in writing contractions often confuses kids. Possessive words, compounds, and contractions use the apostrophe, thus the confusion. Hopefully, playing these fun online games will help prevent most of the confusion your child may experience. If your child tries the free online games, leave a comment telling how it helped.


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