The Benefit of Playing Online Art Games

05 Jul

As homeschool parents, we often focus the majority of our attention on making sure the basics of schooling are being met. Art is sometimes left out or added as a perk. It should be counted as an equal to math and language. Many important skills are taught through art. Art lessons don’t have to be just learning about artists or just learning about the color wheel. Almost all academic subjects can be taught with art. For example, the pre-k student can practice fine motor control while coloring, or learn to communicate through the use of symbols by making art. History can be explored as the student learns about a particular art style or time period. Angles, symmetry, color… naturally emerge as the student focuses on architecture.

A neat way to include art in your curricula is using online art games. When students play these educational games and watch informative animations and videos, they absorb all the learning subconsciously. More importantly, it helps them understand the concepts instead of just memorizing pieces of information. A big perk is that it is also a fun way to relax and stimulate your child’s brain. Getting your kids involved with online coloring games will help stimulate their thinking process and heighten their knowledge of colors, hand to eye coordination, and so much more. Kids are also able to express their feelings and ideas more through drawing and expressing ideas through coloring. For playing these games, one needs to use their brain. Hence the reasoning skill and analytical power of a child can improve a lot if he is allowed to play these games.

We, as parents, have the responsibility to help our kids choose the right kind of online games and content. The basic criteria being ease of use, educational value, and entertainment factor. Experiment with online art games and put my theories to the test.


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