The Micah Project

05 Feb

A friend pointed me to this site today. It is an awesome story of a 7 year old boy who understands the heart of God.

Here is the web site:

The Micah Project
I was born on 9/11/01 and am seven years old and I want to make a difference. I want to help people who are hurting. I have seen what real hurt is because my family has been through a lot. I have a little sister who is “special” and has taught me, and my family how to care. God has called me to tell people about Him and to help as many as I can. You can help too. Follow my story and watch as I do things for the Lord. All I am asking for is for people to send me $1.00. That amount may seem so little, but a little goes a long way if it is done for God.

Sunday, February 1, 2009
Another day of blessing
This week I had the amazing opportunity to once again fill a duffel bag (four actually) with items that someone without a home might find useful. 4 bags full of coats, socks, gloves, slippers, and thermals. Each bag also contains a brand new Bible, yummy snacks and drinks and even toiletries (thanks to a selfless giver who provided hand cream, deodorant, lip balm, hand warmers, etc). Matt and Micah left around 12:15 today (Sunday) after we prayed that God would direct their path and show them who was to receive a bag. I want to go ahead and post this now because tomorrow’s post will hopefully be pictures of what happened today PLUS something WAY exciting that Micah is going to challenge people to do!!!

After a visit from a friend this weekend who had some really cool ideas, Micah wants to do something different with some of the money for the upcoming Valentines Holiday. Not only that….but he wants YOU to get involved. I so badly want to spill the beans and tell you now but I was sworn to secrecy until tomorrow!!!!
Stay tuned!!!! It’s going to be good!!

Marianne – Micah’s mom

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